- The Idea -

Pro Design started with one simple goal. We wanted to deliver one of the best logo design and web design services in the web space. We don’t want to be only a logo, and web design company. We would like to become your partner by providing our services.

- The Beginning -

It all began back in 2004 when our first logos were made. In that time we provided the team logos for the online manager soccer game. All the community was very interested in our designs and we started to have more and more orders in the gaming industry. We made a lot of logo projects for the gaming teams and gamers.

Unfortunately, we have strayed from our path, and for years we were a part of the heavy-duty industry. We were studying and developing in the construction machine production area.

After the years we would love to announce that we are coming back to the design industry with the experience gained years ago to create solid logo and web design services.

- Our mission -

The main reason why we decided to start this project is to provide logo design projects and web design services based on the most popular CMS – WordPress. After years of experience with management in heavy-duty industry and experience owned in the design industry, we decided to combine those skills and build Pro Design.

At Pro Design, we believe in an individual approach that allows us to personalize our projects, which gives them a unique character in line with the assumptions of your brand. Comprehensive services, unique designs, and quality that surprises and intrigues.

Let’s meet each other on our common board to bring to life the most breathtaking projects. You can contact us any time, we are at your service.